Before setting up the Roku device for streaming the online content, you need to connect the Roku to the internet and for that, you can browse the go.roku.com/connectivity link. Roku box or television lets the users get connected to the internet through wifi connection or ethernet whereas the streaming supports only wifi connectivity option. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions that you can follow to connect the Roku to wifi. So, visit the go.roku.com/connectivity link now and complete the connectivity process to start using unlimited entertainment services.

To get ready for the network connection process, you will require

  • A Roku box, streaming stick or TV. 

  • Roku remote control. 

  • The router having wireless or wired connectivity issues. 

  • Important – If the Wireless Option does not work for you, try making the connection to router using the Ethernet cable. 

  • Network Password.

How to connect Roku to WiFi?

Once you have connected the Roku to a power outlet and turn it on, you will be guided with the 

go.roku.com/connectivity setup procedure that includes the connecting Roku box, Roku Stick to the internet

  • During the Roku Box or Roku Tv setup, you will be prompted to select the Wired or Wireless connection to the internet and router. 

Important – Wired option is not supported by the streaming sticks. 

  • If you have chosen the wired connection, do not forget connection your Roku device to the router with an ethernet cable. Your device will get connected to your home network directly and to the internet. After the confirmation, you can proceed with the rest of the setup guidelines to complete the process. 

  • If you are choosing the wireless connection, there are some additional guidelines that you have to follow for completing the connectivity process before you proceed to the next step.